4999+ loksewa gk question answer


loksewa gk question answer –loksewa gk question answer for student who are preparing for kharidar , nayab subba ,and other loksewa exam preparation .

here you can practice loksewa gk question answer of different field such as world geography (बिश्व भूगोल ) nepal geography(नेपालको भूगोल ) solar system and galaxy (सौर्यमंडल ) nepal history (नेपालको एतिहाश ) world history (बिश्व एतिहाश ) economy of nepal( नेपालको आर्थिक अवस्था) science and technology (बिज्ञान प्रबिधि) oceans ,lakes, mountains , world war (बिश्व यूद्ध) saarc(सार्क) , international organization , health , population . language , culture, sports , politics , current affairs , infrastructure , religion and other gk question answer for prepare better loksewa exam .

here, in this post we have collected more than 4999+ gk question answer for loksewa preparation from different gk books , teachers, internet , old question papers and loksewa aayog loksewa exams.

in this post we present you the questions and show answer button which helps you to think about right answer before click in show answer button. here we can’t show all 4999+ question answer in single post that’s why we make more than 100 small parts .

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